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SPEAKERS - a selection only, but many others participated
  • 19 Mar 2011 - 1st cruise: South Pacific islands 7 nights from Brisbane - Shauna Hicks, Mike Murray, Cora Num, Jeremy Palmer
  • 21 Nov 2011 2nd cruise: New Zealand to Australia - 14 nights Auckland to Sydney (Scottish & Irish theme)
         - Chris Paton, Keith Johnson, Dr Perry McIntyre, Dr Richard Reid, Jan Gow, Shauna Hicks, Rosemary Kopittke
  • 10 Feb 2013 3rd cruise: South Pacific - 9 night to Noumea & Fiji from Sydney
         - Paul Milner, Louis Kessler, Bob Velke, Carol Baxter, Stephen Dando-Collins, Jan Gow, Shauna Hicks, Helen Smith
  • 4 Feb 2014 4th cruise: Southern Australia - 9 nights to Melbourne, Adelaide & Hobart from Sydney
         - Thomas MacEntee, Chris Paton, Kirsty Gray, Jane Taubman, Kerry Farmer, Jan Gow, Shauna Hicks, Dr Noeline Kyle, Neil Smith
  • 19 Jul 2014 5th cruise: British Isles discovery - 19 nights from London
         - Paul Blake, Lisa Louise Cooke, Jackie Depelle, Marie Dougan, Eileen & Sean Ó Dúill, Helen Smith
  • 23 Oct 2014 - 6th cruise: Eastern Australia - 3 nights from Sydney
         - John Donaldson, Cathy Dunn, Shauna Hicks, Rosemary Kopittke, Carole Riley
  • 19 Jan 2015 7th cruise: Southern Western Australia - 5 nights from Fremantle (WWI theme)
         - Dr Richard Reid, Eric & Rosemary Kopittke, Mike Murray, Dr Lesley Silvester, Helen Smith
  • 11 Jul 2015 8th cruise: Baltic - 14 nights - UK to the Baltic
         - Carol Baxter, Chris Braund, Dr Janet Few, Caroline Gurney, Shauna Hicks, Cyndi Ingle, Paul Milner, Chris Paton, Jane Taubman
  • 8 Dec 2015 - 9th cruise: Queensland - 2 nights from Brisbane
         - Eric & Rosemary Kopittke, Stephanie Ryan, Helen Smith
  • 14 Feb 2016 10th cruise: New Zealand to Australia - 18 nights Auckland to Fremantle
         - Judy Russell, Paul Blake, Jan Gow, Shauna Hicks, Louis Kessler, Eric & Rosemary Kopittke, Helen Smith
  • 6 Mar 2016 - 11th cruise: Barrier Reef - 7 night from Brisbane
         - Carol Baxter, Eric & Rosemary Kopittke, Helen Smith, Judy Webster, Chris Wright
  • 30 Jul 2016 12th cruise: Rhine river - 7 nights Amsterdam to Basel
  • 28 Jul 201713th cruise: Papua New Guinea & islands - 10 nights from Brisbane (Pacific war theme)
         - Dr Tom Lewis,  Kerry Farmer, Shauna Hicks, Eric & Rosemary Kopittke, Helen Smith
  • 7-14 Sep 2018 - 14th cruise Alaska - 7 nights from Seattle with speakers from
         - UK - Janet Few, Maurice Gleeson & Caroline Gurney
         - US - Susan Brook, Dick Eastman, Cyndi Ingle, Pat Richley-Erickson [Dear Myrtle], Teri Schaller & Ed Thompson
         - Australia - Shauna Hicks, Eric & Rosemary Kopittke, Mike Murray, Helen Smith & Mary Stutters
         - New Zealand - Jan Gow, Kae Lewis & Michelle Patient 
  • 29 Mar-13 Apr 2019 - 15th cruise - Sydney to Singapore (one way repositioning cruise)


Seminars & conferences
see also others listed under roadshows

Gould Genealogy Centre

Gould genealogy & History, Unlock the Past's parent company, offered over 30 seminars at its new Gould Genealogy Centre in Adelaide from its opening in February 2002 until late 2004. Some of the presenters and seminar topics:

Graham Jaunay
     - FamilySearch demonstration
     - Finding your way around the English and Welsh censuses 1841-1901
     - Genealogy miscellany
     - Genealogy on the net
     - Pitfalls in family history research
     - Tracing your English ancestors from afar
     - Tracing your Scottish ancestors from afar

Robin Lamacraft (and others)
     - The Master Genealogist: introduction
     - Getting to know The Master Genealogist v5
     - TMG training videos
     - Adelaide TMG user group meetings were also hosted by the Gould Genealogy Centre 2002-2004

Mark Lang
     - Legacy introduction
     - Legacy workshop (several)

Andrew Peake
     - Using South Australian resources in family history
     - Employment records for family history

Alan Phillips
     - Data CD samplers: Australia, England, Ireland
     - Genealogy with a Pocket PC or Palm type handheld computer
     - Introduction to genealogy software (with other presenters)
     - Reunion genealogy program - introduction and workshop

Nick Vine Hall
     - My ancestor came by ship: how do I find out which one?
     - Tracing your family history in Australia. Help me! I'm stuck