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The Watermen and Lightermen of London

In days gone by the River Thames was a conduit for trade and travel and for centuries passengers and goods were carried by the watermen and lightermen of London. They have a fascinating history and many records have survived to help you gain an insight into any of your ancestors that were part of this trade.

Occupational records in England

A general look at the availability and accessibility of records to do with occupation, both trades and professional occupations. (And a lighthearted look at strange occupations)

My ancestor was an apprentice...

What were guilds? What were Livery Companies? How were apprentices recruited and supervised? This presentation will outline a short history of guilds and detail the types of records that exist to find information about them and where it can be accessed.

Mining Ancestors: Knowing Where to Look

This talk explores how to trace your often elusive mining ancestors and their families and looks at a wide variety of resources.

Sahibs, Nabobs and Boxwallahs: the British & Europeans in India 1600-1947

This talk provides an introduction to the Europeans who lived in India and their various occupations. They were by no means all military folk.
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