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Rats of Tobruk Association, Inc, Victoria

Open Hours
  • Meetings are Fourth Friday of Month at 10:30am. Secretary Mr Reg Lawrence to be advised of attendance by email, no later than five (5) days before Meeting, on his email boforsgarden@hotmail.com
Approximate Membership
  • Originally approx 4300, Currently approx 30
Membership Cost
  • Restricted Membership
  • THN (Tobruk House News)


The Rats of Tobruk Association, Inc, Victoria was formed in September, 1945. The Association was open for those Servicemen who had Served at, and during, the Longest Siege in British Military History - the Siege of Tobruk - 240 Days, between April10th and December 10th 1941 in WW2 and who were fortunate enough to return to Australia at the end of hostilities.

Of approximately 14,000 Australians involved in the Siege of Tobruk, 559 KIA, 2450 WIA and 941 POW.    "Lest We Forget".


Education of School Children


Descendants, Relatives and other Interested Persons or Organisations who may have an interest in the Famous Rats of Tobruk.



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TheGenealogist.co.uk is an award winning family history website with access to millions of records online.

Specialist Australian records available as part of our Diamond subscription include Electoral Rolls, Directories, early Census, Almanacs, Landowner records and many more ranging from 1834-1937.


Maps and Gazetteers for India

To make confident progress in British India research, an understanding of the geography and changing place names is essential

Lachlan in Love in India

Lachlan Macquarie saw over 15 years service in India with HM Army, during which time included his first love.

Using Newspapers and Journals in Family Research

A worldwide selection of newspapers have been digitised and made available, some requiring a subscription or readers ticket and others free to all.

The Long Journey to India

Travel on the East Indiamen, by the Overland Route, and later by steamship, and then through the Suez Canal

Probate and Estate Records of British in India

What is available, how to access and use the records.

Census and Census Substitutes in Colonial India

Discover the few fragmentary censuses from 19th century India and what other publications and documents can help provide a picture of where your ancestor may have lived in India.

Which Army, What Rank?

Which regiment was your soldier in? Was he an officer or a member of the 'other ranks'? There were several armed forces under British command in India, this will explain how they related to each other and where to find their records.
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