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Founded in 2004, Legacy Tree Genealogists enjoys the highest client ratings in the world. We are a professional genealogy research company that serves clients worldwide. We are based near the world's largest family history library, with easy access to millions of records, and we also work with hundreds of onsite researchers around the globe. Visit us at https://legacytree.com or read client reviews at https://www.facebook.com/legacytree/reviews



  • 7/160 Maxwell Street, South Penrith, NSW, 2750
  • 02 4732 6243
  • Anzestry
  • 2006

ANZESTRY offers professional family history research services in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other European countries. Whether you are interested in your family history or surname history, ANZESTRY can provide a historical research service that caters for your individual requirements. Our research into your own personal family history is tailored to your own particular interests and will look at original documentation to discover details of the lives and times of your ancestors.

The German Church in the 1930s (Catholic and Protestant) (in development)

The 1930s was a turbulent time for the German Church as National Socialism's policy towards the Church was either to control it, or destroy it. The Catholics were quick to sign a Concordat in return, among other things, to dissolve their political party. This concordat was soon broken. The Protestants, already fractured, could form no such coordinated resistance or collaborative measure.

Civil Records in Germany

Unlike Australian and British records, German civil registration is not centrally located nor did all regions begin at the same time. Discover how to locate and use these records.

Emigrant Lists for European Ancestors

An overview of the Hamburg Emigration lists – direct and indirect – why these are useful for researching your European ancestors.

Maps and Gazetteers for German Research

Maps and gazetteers can give us valuable insights into the lives of our ancestors. A variety of different resources will be explored.

German family history in the "Information Age"

An increasing amount of material is available about people and places on the internet. This talk explores a range of resources available for places in the former German Empire.

Reading German Handwriting

Reading the old German writing is initially daunting. Hints to help decipher the letters are given along with some practice.

Early Germans in Brisbane

That the first free settlers in Brisbane were a group of German missionaries is not as widely known as it should be. Some insights into their contributions and influence on the young city are described.

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