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Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc.

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Founded in 2004, Legacy Tree Genealogists enjoys the highest client ratings in the world. We are a professional genealogy research company that serves clients worldwide. We are based near the world's largest family history library, with easy access to millions of records, and we also work with hundreds of onsite researchers around the globe. Visit us at https://legacytree.com or read client reviews at https://www.facebook.com/legacytree/reviews


Dodgy claims: the Landed Gentry Drews of Ireland and Devonshire

With evidence suggesting that some of Carol Baxter’s Irish ancestors descended from an Irish Landed Gentry family that itself descended from a Landed Gentry family living in Devonshire in the 1500s, she jumped at the opportunity to learn the skills of pre-Reformation research. It took her on a fascinating journey as she questioned what had long been accepted, and pursued sources that led her to break new ground. This seminar uses these Drew families as a case study in undertaking pre-Reformation historical research.

– 30/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Irish Lives remembered

  • Irish Lives Remembered Ltd Regional Development Centre Dundalk Institute of Technology Dublin Rd, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.
  • 00353429366634
  • Irish Lives Remebered
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Irish lives Remembered is a memorial website dedicated to people of Irish Ancestors throughout the world.


Irish Genealogical Research Society

Geraldene O'REILLY

  • P.O. Box 485 Cambridge NEW ZEALAND 3450
  • + 64 7 827-5521


Conduct Irish research re Ireland-New Zealand


Scottish Ancestral Trail

Open Hours
  • All the time any time!
  • 2003

We create unique vacations in Scotland and the UK for the descendants of Scots who want to visit the places associated with their family history. 

For family groups, couples and singles - with your own driver if you prefer.

Holidays can follow your personal family history or your clan or family name.

We hold genealogy day courses at the Scotland People Centre in Edinburgh.

We market a 'Genealogy Tour' through Brightwater Holidays.


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