Unlock The Past will be at

Deniliquin expo -  Oct 2017
Victorian expo - Oct 2017
2018 Congress - Mar 2018
2018 UTP cruise - Alaska - Sep 2018


Aimée Engler

I first became interested in history during school and went on to study it at university, graduating from the University of Adelaide with a BA in History in 2005. My interest led me to continue studying at Tabor College (Adelaide), where I have recently completed an MA in History.

My specialty lies in German Lutheran South Australian history (as my topics indicate) - I have simply not lived on this earth long enough to have researched much more than this! However I am interested in all kinds of history and hope to be able to present a more varied list over the coming years.

Though I have dabbled in archives and appreciated my time spent there, I currently work for Unlock the Past. I enjoy researching and writing history, and Unlock the Past enables me to share and promote this fascinating field.

I live in Adelaide with my husband Daniel, axolotl Sarah, and a bunch of crickets who have decided to squat under our fridge, their melodious tunes lulling us to sleep at night.