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Scotland's Greatest Story

Research Costs
  • £18 per hour (one hour minimum), plus any expenses incurred
  • 2006

  • All research carried out by genealogist Chris Paton, BA (Hons), HND, PgDip Genealogical Studies
  • Basic family tree research - using many private records in Scotland not available online.
  • Overcoming brick walls - including the use of Scottish church records not available online (non-established churches), land records, and other sources.
  • Site visits to photograph ancestral homes and relevant gravestones
  • Contextual research - tracing articles and publications written by or about your ancestors, providing an understanding of the times in which they lived
  • Surname research - explaining the origins of your surname
  • Relatives tracing - searching for historic descendants in Scotland, or current relatives within the country as well as the rest of the United Kingdom
  • Palaeography - transcribing 17th and 18th century documents or relevance to your family history written in the old form of Secretary Hand