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Macleay River Historical Society

  • P O Box 390 Kempsey NSW 2440 Kempsey Museum South Kempsey Park Kempsey NSW 2440
  • 0265627572
  • Kempsey Shire Council
Library Charges
  • Microfiche/film records and readers $2.00 per hour
Research Costs
  • $20 per topic plus any photocopying fees
Open Hours
  • Kempsey Museum is open every day (except Christmas Day and Good Friday) between 10 am and 4 pm
Approximate Membership
  • 100
Membership Cost
  • $15.00 per year
  • Macleay River Historical Society Journal, Quarterly, $3.50
  • 1960

The Macleay River Historical Society‚Äôs Museum is located in the award winning Glenn Murcutt building situated in the South Kempsey Park on the Pacific Highway. This building was opened in April, 1983 and prior to this the Museum was housed in Elbow Street, West Kempsey.  The current Museum had an additional wing added in 1988.  In the courtyard of the museum is the Settler's Cottage. This building, built circa 1910 had been moved several times before being acquired by the museum in 1990.


Digitization of Angus McNeil Glass Plate Negative collection (over 40,000 images) Shorty Ranger Display Historical telephones display


Museum detailing History of the Macleay River valley Local family history research Local history publications Historic photographs