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Irish Wattle

  • Irish Wattle; monthly; free
  • 2009

Irish Wattle is a publishing hub for information on Irish convicts transported to New South Wales, Australia. We focus on those arriving direct from Ireland between 1791 and 1806. Our books to date include:


  • The Irish Vanguard: the Convicts of the Queen, 1791
  • A Nimble Fingered Tribe: the Convicts of the Sugar Cane, 1793
  • Of Infamous Character: the Convicts of the Boddingtons, 1793
  • A Desperate Set of Villains: the Convicts of the Marquis Cornwallis, 1796
  • Death or Liberty: the Convicts of the Britannia, 1797

Our books contain rare trial and conviction information from Ireland, and well as colonial biographies of all the convicts and soldiers on board each vessel. More information is available at www.irishwattle.com


Five books published on convict ships Queen (1791); Sugar Cane (1793); Boddingtons (1793); Marquis Cornwallis (1796) and Britannia (1797). The next book is on the convicts of the Minerva (1800) and is due out in 2011.


Irish convicts transported to New South Wales between 1791 and 1806.