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  • 2011

Blazing a Trail through your Family History. 

Let's explore your past, make sense of your family's history and enable you to share these memories with your friends and family. There are many different directions we can follow to achieve this, depending on what best suits your needs. Now, how can we help you?

Search through those files or piles of photos, papers, documents and memorabilia etc you already have, for information and clues about your relatives and their lives or just share with us what you already know.

Simplify what we know and find by mapping out a family tree, chart or list, then identify and search for any missing pieces of information.  

Store and organise those files or piles into digital or hard copy, using software, storage and archival quality products as required.

Showcase and celebrate your family's history in family trees, photo books, frames and albums or slideshows; write your family's stories or create custom designs, projects and events.