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Discover Your Ancestors Periodical

  • Discover Your Ancestors Periodical, monthly, £12
  • 2011

Discover Your Ancestors Periodical is a high quality monthly digital magazine delivered to your inbox every month. Packed full of stories, case studies, social history articles and research advice, this regular and affordable service is a must have for anyone starting out in family history research, or for those with more experience but who have reached brick walls. Expert guidance and inspiration around historic themes merge to create an informative and educational guide through your journey of research. It’s really easy to read, too. We have created the product in both PDF and web ready formats, so whether you are viewing on a PC or MAC or mobile device, or you simply wish to print out an article PDF – it is available in the right format for you.

Subscribing to Discover Your Ancestors Periodical is set at a level that everyone can afford, at just £1 per month for a 12 month single user subscription. To set up your subscription takes just a couple of minutes and