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Have you had (or arranged for a relative to have) a DNA test done?

Here are the results of our 34th Unlock the Past poll - Have you had (or arranged for a relative to have) a DNA test done? Votes were cast by 92 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

The responses indicate that over half of those responding had had (or arranged for a relative to have) a DNA test done. Of those most considered it have have been useful though six did not understand the results and a further two thought it a waste of time. Interestingly a further 18% indicated that they were considering having a DNA test done.

As the tests improve, costs reduce and there is a more general understanding of the process and results it seems clear that many more people will have their DNA tested. We do need to remember that, though the tests may solve a number of problems, they can never replace the research of our families from basic records.

Online siteVotesPercent voters
Yes - very useful1718.5
Yes - some use2628.3
Yes - but waste of money22.1
Yes - but don't understand the results66.5
No - but am considering it1718.5
No - too expensive1314.1
No - not interested1213.0

Where the voters came from

    • Australia - 63
    • New Zealand - 3
    • United Kingdom - 3
    • Unknown - 23

Other comments

  • Would love to but can't decide what I need
  • Need help in analysing results
  • My husband had his DNA to 37 matches and I have had my mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Full Genomic Sequence done.
  • I tested my husbands father as a start of our family DNA history. I think that it will be of use in the future as more and more people undertake DNA testing
  • Only 10 markers were available at the time in 2000.Confirmed my relationship dating back to mid 1700s
  • dna done for medical reason, chromosome abnormality in family. Found other distant relatives with same inherited problems
  • yes - results not in yet
  • male members of one line are participating world wide
  • Yes, but not for family history, only medical
  • Have had testing for identification of Fromelle Soldier, and have found relatives for same, but no results are given to us
  • great for reuniting families lost to each other due to migration in the 1800s
  • I havent personally but a group of ancestors did and it was a great result
  • I'm running out of time to decide, my brother died last year


Had DNA done

Still waiting on my DNA results. mum is AU. Waiting excitedly!