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How committed are you to family/local history poll

Here are the results of our 20th Unlock the Past poll - How committed are you to family and local history? Two hundred and fifty-six people voted casting a total of 273 votes.

Clearly most people taking part in this poll are very committed to researching their family and local history - over 70 percent of those responding. Just don't forget the housework occasionally!


 Response                     # votes     % voters

  • 1. Dabbler                          2             0.78
  • 2. Moderately                    28           10.94
  • 3. Actively                         41           16.02
  • 4. Strongly                        56           21.88
  • 5. Real Addict                  129           50.39
  • Other                               17             6.64

Other comments

  • (Real Addict) ...and married to another addict!
  • (Strongly) Total immersion mixed with weeks of very little but currently mostly helping others and teaching them
  • (Real Addict) Housework keeps getting in the way!
  • (Real Addict) And never expect to get "cured"
  • (Real Addict) 40 years and still going!
  • (Real Addict) I see family history as "my last project" which will continue until I die
  • (Real Addict) In BOTH family and my local history!
  • (Actively) I try to go to as many seminars/workshops/conferences as possible; at least once a year one whole week is devoted to intensive research in an interstate Records/Archive Centre
  • (Strongly) More like 4-5 really
  • (Strongly) Looking at more than just the names. I love researching their jobs, interests etc
  • (Actively) Social history fascinates me from a number of perspectives
  • (Moderately) Family in particular as my brick German and Chinese brick wall seems never ending.
  • (Strongly) but it costs too much
  • (Strongly) Have been a volunteer as SAGHS for 10 years
  • (Real Addict) Love the research and especially love to break down the brick walls
  • (Real Addict) I devote a great lot of my time to our local history society and a small part to my family history. And I love it!!
  • (Strongly) don't get a lot of time to research these days

Where the voters came from

  • Australia - 227
  • Ireland - 1
  • New Zealand - 9
  • United Kingdom - 1
  • United States - 1
  • Unknown - 17


Not so much an addict but

Not so much an addict but live being an idexer/transciber to bring archives alive for others to find

Not so much an addict but

Not so much an addict but love being an indexer/transciber to help archives come alive.