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Queensland – 150 years on

This has been a special year in Queensland’s history.

As the Q150 website explains: “Proclamation Day, Thursday 10 December 2009, [marked] 150 years since the historic reading in Brisbane of the Letters Patent … proclaiming Queensland a separate colony to New South Wales.

Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Ferguson Bowen, accompanied by his wife Lady Diamantina Bowen, witnessed the reading of the Letters Patent from the balcony of Adelaide House, now the Deanery of St John’s Cathedral in Ann Street, Brisbane.”

Proclamation Day was the culmination of the year’s events across the State and recognised the contribution and support of all Queenslanders towards the Q150 celebrations.

The year has been one of many celebrations, re-enactments and publications looking back at the history of the colony. In 2009 we find it hard to comprehend what life was like at the time – they had so little and we have so much.

Over the holiday break read Our First Half-Century: A Review of Queensland Progress (just republished by Archive Digital Books Australasia) and the stories of those who lived and contributed to Queensland’s growth – mostly just ordinary people, as told in Queensland Founding Families: Biographies of families living in Queensland prior to separation from New South Wales and Queenslanders: Pioneer Families 1859-1901.

Reading these books will give a deeper appreciation of what the life of our early families was really like – we should be thankful for their efforts in taking the first steps to establish what we now know as Queensland

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