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DNA survey 2018

DNA Down UnderTo help with planning our 2019 DNA Down Under with Blaine Bettinger roadshow and conference we have a survey going to get feedback on:

  • the level of interest in each city
  • other general questions about DNA takeup

This survey has generated easily the biggest response of any since we started in 2011. No doubt this reflects the considerable interest in the subject - and the desire to understand it better. Hopefully that interest will also feed into the roadshow in August 2019.

Some responses to the general DNA questions

Bear in mind these are based on replies from those who are interested in attending the roadshow. A survey of genealogists generally might give a different result. Nevertheless it seem useful to publish the results here. In all 550 people have submitted completed responses so far. Figures given are percentages of the 550 survey respondents (the survey remains open). Numbers will increase, but the percentages are unlikely to change much.

Which, if any, companies have you done a DNA test with - or are considering testing with in the near future?

Ancestry - 85%
Family Tree DNA - 58%
Living DNA - 20%
MyHeritage - 18%
23andMe - 11%
other - 3%
skipped (none?) - 2%

DNA survey 1

Do you use third party tools (GEDmatch, DNA painter, etc.) to help you get more from your test results

yes - 77%
no - 18%
skipped (no?) - 5%


How do you rate your DNA experience level?

nil - have not tested - 4%
beginner - 30%
beginner - intermediate - 30%
intermediate - 23%
intermediate - advanced - 11%
advanced - 3%
skipped question - 1%

DNA survey 4